Our Story


I enjoy a beautiful smelling aroma going through the air. It's like the most captivating heart stopping experience. Often, a beautiful scent can instantly bring a smile to ones face. A alluring aroma flows through the air with such elegance. This is what I want to share with the world. The passion of elegance, the spell of love, a distinct scent that captivates every nerve in ones body. This is what DeeWitter Scents is.

I inspire to help everyone to be able to travel everywhere and anywhere with that sent or cologne or aftershave that makes one feel happy, inspired and a go-getter. Use the atomizer to capture your favourite scent and never look back!


I put this company together because I'm tired of not being able to have my favourite scent carry with me everywhere. I hate going away for a weekend and not being able to bring that one cologne that would make my outfit pop.

Growing up in my household, I used to love to smell the neighbors flowers blew into the window from there garden and I've always could smell my mom's perfume from my room when she was down the hall and her scents always put a smile on my face and put me in a great mood. I even remember that first time I put my first cologne and how confident, inspired and distressed I felt. These experiences inspired me to create DeeWitter Scents - bring everyone enjoyment and moments of happiness away from distress, all from a quick whiff of a scent.